Monday, July 21, 2008

Treated like a 1st grader

It was monday 21st of july, we have a class every morning 6hours straight no breaks
well for me im used to it its my daily routine but there was just one big problem!!!!!

One of our professors treated as like Elementary students! at first we thought it was a joke hahahahaha. . . . . . now thats funny, then she does it again, (ok ok thats enough) i was saying it at the back of my mind. . . . yet she did'nt stop. . . . wahhhhhh stop it damn it (its driving me nuts)

and here's the bad part when we started our morning prayer ok bla bla bla its done then we've good morning and she said with a wide facial reaction GOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOOORNING!!!!!

Oh man her face was so jolly, she almost looks like The jollibe mascot hahaha. and then as she distributed our test Yeah. . . . . we all passed because of our team effort in our group study

then she started to tell as a little story and the sound of her voice is like a "1st grader teacher " wahhhhhh well its a good thing it ended ASAP but we were suffering from the treatment of that professor.

i think her professionality is in the ECE not within our course (zpcyh) well i dont want to mention it will hurt her little feelings.


i hope she would change her teaching skills ASAP
and not to be treated as 1st graders.

were already college students..........we dont like to be treated
as little childrens

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oil price hike

i have a car that i usually drive at work. As time goes by oil started to rise up but back in the 80's gas was just P7 php!!!!! per litter now that is something that i wish. . . .

Now! every week or 3rd day of the week or even 2Nd or first, i don't use the car anymore i only use it when I'm in a rush or going to a special occasion. the ones that should be blamed for this crisis are the biggest oil company that we've signed in to a contract or even a deal.

those big oil companies are increasing their markets to countries to much just to be rich or the oil reserves must be running low thats why they increase. these companies should tell it to all the people in other countries, that they should'nt blame the oil companies in their country. Because these oil companies in our country are doing their best to negotiate with those big oil companies

people should think and act maturely in doing these street rallies, though they have the right but they should make sure that they would think trough it carefully before making the move. . . not all are thinking maturely they would still blame those who are doing they're best to negotiate i am pertaining to the people who are doing this kind of stuff and doesnt think.

people should know the fact first of whats' causing it 2nd is to make a better plan on how to resolve it 3rd stop making riots in the rallies they have a rally but it should be peaceful not violently.

note:this is just my suggestion any comments will do

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Group work!!!!

This is how my story starts, in my second year of college it
was the second semester and only a few months left ill be in my third year
course. Well some of my classmates are already grouping themselves for
research. i promised this girl (girl1) that i would be her partner up to third year. actually we were 3 in a group there was still another girl (girl2).

Before 2ND semester ends we said to each other that "we wont
be thorn apart" but as the semester ended i let myself to have a
relaxation. The month of June comes and now were in the third
year level of 1st semester. we have our major in research, now
is were our group enters, well the professor explained to
us on
how we will conduct a research, as time and day goes by, only a few days left for the approval of our topic.
First (girl1) has a
great advantage to us well she's a
and helps that she could ask.
second (girl2)
also has an advantage to us
she's got also a lot of helps from other professors and of
course the
research adviser,
now i for one am
grateful to have
my group
both of them are
serious in this

now here's the problem?all of us has his/her
own topic to
and we need to discuss it
among the
group whether who's topic
suits us all.

it was Saturday when (girl1) called me but un fortunately i left my
at the house she also texted me and said "Are you going to
join my group?" and who's side are you from?" so now i
she doesn't (girl2's) proposal

On a 1st day of the week

Monday i tried to talk to (girl1) about her topic if we can
arrange it but
she said "Don't
to me you two" i was the only one who's
to talk to her so it means that
she doesn't
(girl2's) proposal.
the thing
(girl1) doesn't want to be all
tired she wants all to
without any
problems that will
interfere her research
because of
contacts and helps, and
then she started "hating"
giving me the
eye" and always evading
me when
pass to
her, Well its
OK i don't mind but
majority of
that I'm sad
because we haven't even
or at least say

(-_-)................... well i hope the best for
her and that she would pass the research major. . . . . . . i for
hate her. but i hope that she wouldn't avoid me when
i say
to her.

well this is all of it for now

Note: i don't mean to insult or hurt anyone's feelings even
give names